Thursday, May 5, 2011

Legend of Mahindagamanaya

On the full-moon day of the month of June in the year, 236 B.E. (250 B.C.) Arahath Mahinda Thera and his comanions, departing from vedisagiri, and alighted on the Missaka hill, presently "Mihinthale"  in Sri Lanka. when He arrived to there he met king Sri Lanka there on that day.
When the first meeting of the king Sri Lanka and Mihindu thera, the king with a large party of followers and went to  Mihinthale hill on a hunting. When they met, Arahath Mihindu thera said,

"Samanaa mayam Mahaaraaja Dhammaraajassa saavakaa thaveva anukampaaya Jambudeepa idaagatha"
" We are the followers of  the Lord Buddha. We are from India, kindness towards you Maharaaja.."

When the king heard these words, he laid up his bow and arrow and came close to the thera interchange their informations with thera and sat down near the thera. Arahath Mihindu thera then had a conversation with the king and realized thad the king was intelligent enough to understand the Dhamma, and sermonize the "Chullahaththapadopama Suthra". At the end of the sermon the king and his followers embraced the new faith. then he invited to Arahath Mahinda thera and others to come to the city and after that all of Sri Lankans embosom Buddhism and became Buddhist.
With the establishment of "Buddha Saasana", Sri Lankan culture got a new appearance And after the Mahindaagamanaya (arrival of Mahinda thera) Sri Lankan culture developed and had a successful agriculture, architecture etc.
Then the Sri Lankan trust that Mahindagamanaya is a distinctive point to Sri Lankans, because after the Mahindaagamanaya Sri lanka get a huge development.

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